Thursday , 19 May 2022

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Getting started with the STM32 Nucleo-F746ZG

Finally the totally new Nucleo-F746 is in my hands! This is the first development kit of the Nucleo-144 line from ST, and I've to say that probably, at that street price (~23$), is the best development kit a maker can find on the market, if you consider that a genuine Arduino DUE costs more than 40$ and its MCU is just …

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Getting started with STM32F746G-DISCO

ST Microelectronics recently expanded its portfolio of STM32 microcontrollers with the new STM32F7 family. These are the new best-in-class MCUs from ST, with a Cortex-M7 core able to run up to 216Mhz (future releases will run up to 400Mhz with 2000 CoreMark index), with an internal flash up to 1Mb and 360Kb of RAM. STM32F7 is also able to run …

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