Thursday , 29 October 2020

Import cubemx into eclipse

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    Hi Carmine,


    you wrote man! It’s absolutely unbelievable how you managed to take all clouds away so that newbies like me can see clear (or clearer :p) which steps to take to get started.

    I just wanted to say that up front :).

    Now, I run into small trivialities that you might want to take into account. I’ll drop my first one here and see if you think it’s useful.

    On page 131 (chapter cubemx tool) you write:

    The last step is to delete the following files from the Eclipse project¹¹:
    • system/src/stm32XXxx/stm32XXx_hal_msp_template.c
    • system/src/stm32XXxx/stm32XXxx_hal_timebase_tim_template.c
    • system/src/stm32XXxx/stm32XXxx_hal_timebase_rtc_alarm_template.c:

    These files are templates generated by CubeMX inside the system/stm32XXxx folder (I think that
    CubeMX should not put that file inside the generated project). We will analyze them later in the

    I think the latest version of cubemx picked up on that, because they’re no longer generated in my projects.

    Take care! And, you’re a hero 🙂


    Carmine Noviello

    I’m aware of the fact that we the advent of STCubeIDE (formerly Atollic TrueStudio) there is no longer need to use the toolchain described in the book. Few other things may differ.
    I’m considering a deep update of the book, but in this period of my life I’ve no sufficient time to work on it.
    Tough to believe, but writing a technical book is the most time consuming thing in the life 😀


    Hi Carmine,
    I can imagine you’re a busy man!

    Still lots of thanks for this comment though! Because I was already thinking what the disadvantage of using STCubeIDE was over the eclipse GNU MCU approach. So I stuck with your book so that I was forced to understand details the STCude IDE was doing “automagically” for me.

    So it’s definitely good to know that I can safely start writing software in STCude instead! Makes life easier.


    Hi Carmine,

    I definitely agree with bp that your book is awesome. I haven’t found a book which is so thoroughly explaining how to start on this topic.

    However, like the TS, I’m also getting stuck at manually placing the files generated by CubeMX into the eclipse project.
    After numerous attempts, it keeps on throwing errors in the Eclipse console when trying to build these imported files. I’m starting to wonder if the CubeMX generated output has changed in a way that perhaps the tutorial is not valid anymore.

    Perhaps different than others, I would like to stick to the Eclipse environment and just follow the brilliant book as it is know.

    Could you propose a way around this issue, to have a working project template to continue the book from Chapter 4.3 onwards?

    Looking forward to your reply,
    Rick (working with Nucleo-F411RET)

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