Friday , 12 August 2022

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Correct way to perform re-annotation of designators in Altium

It's really common that at the end of the board layout we have that all component designators are randomly scattered over the board. R1 is somewhere, R2 is hidden in another place, and so on. This happens because often the development of schematics isn't  linear, especially if we are designing some sub-modules before others or if we are reusing some schematics sheets from …

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How to restore ST-LINK interface after a bad update (2.26.15 firmware)

Several people are reporting me issues with the latest 2.26.16 firmware update for the ST-LINK interface of their Nucleo. After flashing the ST-LINK 2.1 interface with this firmware release, the debugging interface no longer works. The symptoms  are that it's no longer possible to use the interface, nor flash it again. The STLinkUpgrade 3.0.7 shows this error: Reading this post …

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Getting started with the STM32 Nucleo-F746ZG

Finally the totally new Nucleo-F746 is in my hands! This is the first development kit of the Nucleo-144 line from ST, and I've to say that probably, at that street price (~23$), is the best development kit a maker can find on the market, if you consider that a genuine Arduino DUE costs more than 40$ and its MCU is just …

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