Thursday , 29 October 2020

Custom Eclipse toolchain from book vs TrueStudio

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    If you are just now looking at this book, DO NOT INSTALL THE CUSTOM TOOLCHAIN AS OUTLINED IN THE BOOK!! Just use Atollic Truestudio. Save yourself the hassle.

    Now that ST Owns Atollic Truestudio, the toolchain as outlined is very much too complicated.

    The TrueStudio toolchain will support 99% of the people that are buying this book. It installs from one file with no dependencies and no custom settings tweaking to get up and running. Debugging is significantly more straightforward in TrueStudio.

    STM32CubeMX generated code imports DIRECTLY into TrueStudio. No need for manual copy/paste or python scripts.


    This should be very welcomed. The present toolchain is very complex and finicky. It does not have to be so painful to just get your IDE going.


    According to the STM website, Atollic TrueStudio has been superseded by STM32CubeIDE, which incorporates STM32CubeMX. How does this compare to the Eclipse/GCC toolchain recommended in the book?

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    I just bought the book today and about to install the toolchain.
    Which IDE would you recommend to install at this time? Atollic TrueStudio, STM32CubeIDE or the eclipse IDE with all the plugins as described in the book?

    Any suggestions/comments will be really appreciated 🙂

    Carmine Noviello

    I’m aware of the fact that we the advent of STCubeIDE (formerly Atollic TrueStudio) there is no longer need to use the toolchain described in the book. Few other things may differ.
    I’m considering a deep update of the book, but in this period of my life I’ve no sufficient time to work on it.
    Tough to believe, but writing a technical book is the most time consuming thing in the life


    Hi Carmine,
    I just bought your book (4/2020) with the intent of developing a STM32 motor control project for a commercial product. But, I will probably also work on other 32-bit ARM projects as well. Given my intent should I proceed with the Eclipse/plugin approach or use the STM32CubeIDE ? I am currently using a free version of Keil that is only good for <32k ram.

    Is TrueStudio still available since they were absorbed by ST? As of today the STM32CubeMx still has the option to output a project for TrueStudio, STM32MCubeIde and Keil. I’m looking for the correct path forward for the next 3-5 years, can you give me your perspective? I question whether ST will continue to support STM32CubeIde.

    Your book is very helpful and I’m spending a lot of time reading 😉 The quality of the content is very high. You did a good job with the language, I’m impressed. The learning curve from 8 and 16-bit parts to STM32 seems very steep.


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