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CHAPTER 11 EX 7 100 kHz channel not working

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    I did everything as indicated in the book (I took the code on GIT). On the oscillogram, I see that channel 1 is working normally. However, channel 2 stays high for quite a long time, makes 4 cycles and changes the level to low, which also stays for a long time (“CH2 100 kHz. Wrong1.png”; “CH2 100 kHz. Wrong2.png”). The field of which the cycle will repeat. I could not understand what was the matter, and decided to reduce the frequency of channel 2 to 80 kHz and it helped, the channel started working (“CH2 80 kHz. Normal.png”). I think my STM32F030R8 controller has some kind of problem with working at a frequency of 100 kHz on TIM3 CH2.
    Or I’m wrong?

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    Carmine Noviello

    I’ve to carefully check the example. I’ll let you know soon.

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