Thursday , 18 August 2022

CH26 project

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    Hello Carmine, thanks a lot for the excellent book. Well done!!

    I’m trying to work with the CH26 project where I’m using the STM32F401RE board and the WS5500 with a SD card slot but right at the beginning where you have if(f_mount(&diskHandle, “0:”, 1) != FR_OK), it doesn’t return FR_OK and, therefore, no progress in execution.

    Any suggestion on how to resolve? I also tried it using the 476RG board.

    Thank you so much.

    Carmine Noviello

    Well, it’s tough for me to provide help without a more detailed scenario.

    However, this often happens for two main reasons:

      There is something wrong at SPI level, often a bad configuration of the SPI interface or a wiring issue
      Simply, the SD card doesn’t support the SPI mode. Try with “older” cards with a size of 2-4GB

    An SPI protocol analyzer can help a lot in this phase.


    Hi Carmine, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to get the example in chapter 26 to work with the W5500+SD Card, although I have used cards as you instructed. Have you tested with the 401RE core board with the latest STM32CubeIDE version?
    Do you have any guidance or tips? Thanks a lot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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