Wednesday , 18 May 2022

Reply To: Question and suggestion for Mastering STM32 eBook


Hi Carmine,

Your great book has allowed me to, at last, make some progress with STM32 chips beyond the simple ‘blink a LED’ stage. Thank you. It’s been frustratingly difficult for me, compared to the simpler Atmel and PIC chips I’m used to – but I suppose the STM32 range is much more powerful so that’s partly to be expected.

Now that ST has acquired Atollic and made the TrueStudio IDE available for free, I wondered whether I should consider changing to it – what are the benefits and drawbacks compared to the toolchain you describe in your book that I’m currently using?

Also, if you make any future revisions to the book, may I suggest a section on the (very cheap) ‘blue pill’ STM32F103 boards that are now available everywhere on Ebay – lots of people are now using these with the Arduino IDE to dip their toes into the world of STM32 – and your book would help them move beyond the limitations of the Arduino environment (and, of course, sell more copies of your book!)

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